Professional, Patient, and Empathetic

Sherry Lear represented my wife and me during a very difficult time, both medically and emotionally. Miss Lear was professional, patient, and empathetic. She continually kept us apprised of all developments in our case, returned all our correspondence immediately, and won for us a very fair personal injury settlement. Two times in four years in fact.

-G.M. and K.K.

We are Truly Grateful

Ms. Lear represented us in an eight-car-accident in 2011, which caused injuries to us. We are truly grateful for her time, expertise and considerable efforts on our behalf. Her dedication, persistence, and follow-through have resulted in a meaningful attorney/client relationship, and we highly recommend her services.

-Robert & Cheryl Jaramillo

Absolutely First Class

Sherry Anne Lear handled an auto accident claim for me. She is organized, professional, reliable, and settled my case in a big way. Her expenses were all reasonable. While signing up for an attorney can be nerve rattling when you read the fine print and sign on the dotted line, I want the world to know that for me Lear Law was absolutely first class and exceeded my expectations.

-Lisa T.

Sherry is My First Call

Sherry was recently able to bring about a favorable resolution in a complicated business litigation with multiple parties. In addition, my company owns several commercial properties around Southern California and we have used Sherry to prosecute unlawful detainer actions when needed. She is able to represent us in these cases efficiently and with great skill that only comes with years of experience. Sherry is my first call when I need a business or real estate litigator.

-George Eshaghian

Ms. Lear Went Above & Beyond

Sherry Lear represented me in a complicated real estate dispute between myself and family members. Ms. Lear went above and beyond helping me through a very difficult time. Her knowledge of the law and perseverance kept me optimistic throughout. The conflict was resolved through mediation and I felt extremely satisfied with the outcome.

-Bob B. Gardena

Wonderful to Work With

Sherry has been wonderful to work with. She has been able to give us clear direction and successfully handled several unusual tenant issues for us. We will continue to count on her for future tenant issues.

-M & P Landlords

The Lawyer of Your Dreams

Sherry Anne Lear is a great lawyer and a stellar person! Sherry handled my personal injury case. I was hit by an uninsured driver with no papers and no license. I had a lot of neck and back pain and exacerbated injuries, as well as damage to my car's back bumper. The police didn't even cite the driver for no driver's license. Sherry took on the case with passion and zeal, like she does everything. She filed a huge number of letters and requests with all sorts of offices and made many, many calls—all of which finally moved the company the driver worked for to send me the money the judge ordered them to pay me. I felt totally secure knowing my lawyer Sherry was in my corner! She is committed to helping everyone she can, and donates thousands of hours to causes all over the country. With her integrity and passion, Sherry Lear is the lawyer of your dreams—I really mean that.


Thank You Again

I am so grateful to Mrs. Lear for representing both my Personal Injury cases. She is caring of her clients' needs and always kept me current in the developments of both my cases. The outcome of both cases was in my favor and I thank Mrs. Lear for her expertise and wisdom in knowing how to handle my legal issues. Thank you again!!