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Do you co-own property with a family member, ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, friend or business partner? Are you ready to sell the property or are your co-owners trying to force you out? Whether you've had a falling out or simply want different things from the property ownership, we can offer a variety of legal solutions geared toward getting you what you want.

Unfortunately, disputes often arise between property co-owners and can result in the filing of a lawsuit for partition, which forces the parties to sell their property. If you are facing an action for partition, our attorney is ready to help you navigate that process and seek a solution that works for everyone involved.

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If you and your co-owners want to change the current ownership of your shared property, you may be thinking about taking the matter to court. A real estate litigation attorney can help you by offering more options at a significantly lower cost. At Sherry Anne Lear Attorney at Law, we can help you:

  • Sell your share of the property
  • Buy the shares of other owners
  • Stay on your property

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