Automobile Accident with Serious Injuries

Mrs. "P" was in a serious automobile accident which left her with multiple broken ribs, a broken clavicle, dislocated elbow, lung contusion and a host of other injuries.  She needed surgery to address her injuries and extensive treatment.  Sherry came on as co-counsel when the insurance carrier refused a reasonable settlement offer and brought suit on behalf of Mrs. "P" and her husband, who had a claim for loss of consortium due to his wife's injuries.

$430,000 Settlement, well above the initial offer.

Recovery of Past-Due Rent

Client "DPGC" owns a property which was occupied by a high-end bar/restaurant which literally closed its doors and vacated without notice.  Attorney Lear filed an action to recover past-due rent as well as the remaining rent due under the Lease when a new tenant could not be found for the location. Judgment was entered for over $244K: Ms. Lear was able to obtain a lump sum settlement from the personal guarantor (who is overseas) of his portion of the debt for $200K. 

$200,000 Lump Sum Settlement

Slip and Fall Claim

In this case, the client was a tenant who lived in a condominium complex, suffered a knee injury when she slipped and fell on wet pavement. The client had a successful surgery to her knee and was able to make a good recovery. The insurance company for the condominium complex first tried to deny that the accident happened and then claimed that the client was not hurt as she claimed.

$50,000 Settlement

Automobile Accident with Underinsured Motorist Claim

Ms. "K" was in an automobile accident that caused significant injury to some very serious pre-existing spinal problems. The other driver had a limited amount of insurance coverage available and that insurance company paid the policy limits in full. Attorney Lear then made a claim to Ms. K's own insurance company under the "Underinsured Motorist" coverage for her own automobile policy.

Attorney Lear obtained a policy limits settlement for $75,000

Automobile Accident with Soft Tissue Injuries

Ms. "A" was in a serious car accident that resulted in what insurance companies describe as "soft tissue" injuries, i.e., no broken bones. Insurance companies like to claim that these types of injuries will heal in a few weeks or months and do not require extensive treatment. This is definitely not always the case and Ms. A found that she had to undergo several rounds of physical therapy, trigger point injections and chiropractic care before she finally felt better. She also missed a significant amount of time from work.

Settlement of $38,000 obtained for the client

Rear-End Accident Case Goes to Trial

In this case, the client was a passenger in her husband's car, when it was rear-ended by a pickup truck. The client was pregnant and had to delay care for her back and neck injuries at the recommendation of her ob/gyn. The other driver's insurance company refused to make a reasonable settlement offer and the case went to jury trial. At trial, the defendant claimed that the accident was not his fault even though he had admitted at deposition he had rear-ended the plaintiff's car because he was looking at a girl.

Plaintiff awarded compensation by both the jury and the judge

Bus Accident

There are many occasions when bus driver negligence causes injuries to passengers. These cases can be difficult to resolve because they involve claims against governmental entities. Client "J" was injured when her wheelchair tipped over during a bus ride because the driver took a sharp turn after failing to strap the wheelchair down.

$165,000 Settlement

Car Accident

Mr. "L" was injured in a car accident shortly before his wedding. There was fairly moderate damage to his car, but he suffered a very serious injury to his spine. Attorney Lear helped Mr. "L" obtain a policy limits settlement from the opposing driver's insurance carrier and then underinsured motorist coverage under his own policy.

$100,000 Settlement

Car Accident

Ms. "B" was operating her car on the 405 Freeway when she was rear-ended in a serious accident. She ended up undergoing a shoulder surgery as a result of her injuries and missed a great amount of work. Attorney Lear obtained a policy limits settlement from the opposing driver's insurance carrier and an additional $45,000.00 from Ms. "B"'s own carrier.

$95,000 Settlement