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Do you know your rights regarding real estate law in Torrance, CA and the South Bay area? The Law Office of Sherry Anne Lear represents commercial, industrial and residential property owners and handles landlord-tenant and other real estate disputes. Attorney Lear has handled real estate litigation matters of all types for over 28 years. She is an experienced trial attorney and has dealt with a variety of real estate disputes. She can also draft up-to-date real estate leases for landlords.

Attorney Sherry Lear can not only help you deal with current issues but help you avoid future problems with real estate and landlord-tenant issues. Call 310-303-7950 to speak to Attorney Lear today.

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Handling All Types of Real Estate Law Disputes

Who do you call when your neighbor is causing an ongoing problem? A real estate attorney can help settle disputes:

  • With neighboring property owners: For example, if a neighbor is preventing access to your property, trespassing or taking action which devalues your property.
  • Between landlords and tenants: If you have a tenant who is breaking the rules in the lease, Attorney Lear can help.
  • Between land owners and contractors including construction defect claims
  • Between buyers and sellers including contract negotiations and non- disclosure issues

Attorney Sherry Anne Lear can also file injunctions against tenants to stop them from taking dangerous actions on your property.

Talk to a real estate attorney in Torrance, California today by calling 310-303-7950.